85 MR2
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I bought my 85 MR2 to save on rising gas prices.  All it needed to be road worthy was a battery and some TLC.  It had been sitting for almost a year because of being to small for the family that owned it to use.

I've done lots of work on the car.

2005  I drag race it Atco raceway and autocross with it.  It's a blast to race and autocross was made for a car like this.

Check out the  Pictures page for more pics.

MR2 Owners Club Website. Everything you need to know about MR2's



  • Upgraded Tail Lights to 87 Style
  • Replaced Dead Alternator


Mods as of 6/26/2002

  • Nitrous
    • NOS 5122 Kit:  Nitrous Kit 40HP Jet
    • NOS Remote Bottle opener
    • Nitrous Purge system
  • Dunlop Sport A2 Tires 186/60/14
  • Clutch
    • Act Xtreme Pressure Plate w/street disc
    • Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel
    • New Master and Slave Cylinder
  • Open Air Filter Mod
  • Tinted rear windows 5%
  • Custom Stereo
    • 4 CD In dash Changer
    • 2-6" Bazooka Subs behind seats driven by 75x2 amp
    • 6 1/2 Pyle mid bass in doors
    • Dome tweeters in dash and Behind headrest 4x50w amp
    • Stalk 5 Band EQ W/Sub Level
  • New Muffler.
  • Rear TOYOTA Sun Shade
  • Fixed AC and converted to 134a(Working good with the heat index at 103 today)
  • Replaced Black Crack Rear Trunk Spoiler with Red 87 Spoiler w/Brake Light