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Welcome to my Mustang's web site!

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2, C-code 289 2V 200hp, C4 automatic, 2:80, Raven Black, Rally Pac, One owner, Build date Nov 3, 1964 in Dearborn, MI, Black Crinkle Vinyl Standard Interior, 111K Miles.

That would be the Fiance' in the car the day we picked it up

Her (the car that is) Current State

A quick breakdown of what's been done so far .  For the complete Time line click here.

  • Feb 11 2001:  Purchased Car from original owner for $300.  Car is complete but was not running.  

  • Picked up a 1965 289 2v motor and c-4 trans from a friend at a junkyard (not out of a mustang but date correct).

  • Got original Title from 1967.  Only cost $2.50 for the title back then.

  • April 21 2001:  Pulled motor and trans out in one piece took about 2 1/2 hours.  The plan is to rebuild original motor and trans real strong and run the other motor till I blow it up..

  • May 12 2001: With the help of my girlfriend put the new motor and trans in.

  • May 13 2001: Started her up for the first time.  Sounds good but loud.  The exhaust stops at the Y pipe :).

  • May 14 2001:  Well things were going to smoothly so a little bump.  Went to put gas in her and it just poured out of the holes in the tank :(.  Hope to get the new tank in soon.

  • May 26 2001:  Got the correct gas tank in and also the alternator in.  Now onto the brakes.

  • June 3 2001: I pulled the car out of the garage to get a friends Jet ski out and took some quick pictures.

  • June 9 2001:  Got the brakes and carburetor rebuilt today With the help of a friend.

  • June 16 2001: Replaced the master cylinder this week and bled and adjusted brakes.

  • June 21 2001: Put the exhaust on and took her for a ride today. Check out my time line for all the details.

  • July 24 2001:  Been doing mostly small stuff.  Did get a working AM radio in and a console that got broken in UPS.

  • Sept 10 2001: My Birthday :).  Had a great day and got some great Stang related gifts.  Thanks.

  • Sept 13 2001:  The Stang overheated last week and I had a chance to look at it tonight.  It turned out to be just a bad thermostat I replaced it and put on a new chrome housing I had put aside for my 4V manifold.

  • May 15 2002:  Well I've done allot of little stuff over the winter.  Main things are:  New radiator and flex fan, New console and replaced sheet metal where battery is.

  • Dec 18 2002:  Got Engaged :)

  • Dec 27 2002:  Not much time to work on the car lately.  Did get new tires on it and little stuff done.

  • June15 2002:   Replaced both Bumpers and started body work on hood and fenders

  • April  3 2003: Stang has been running great.  Hood is looking much better as is fenders and cowl

  • Jan 18 2004::   Got a good deal on an Eldebrock Performer RPM manifold.  Now just waiting on a carb.

  • Nov 20 2004:  Still looking for a good price on a carb.  Hood is looking great.  Still need some time spent on cowl and fenders

  • April 15 2005:  Body work in front is pretty much done.  Now just need to work my way back.

  • Nov  30 2005:  Found a good deal on a used Holly carp.  Needs a rebuild,

  • Jan 20 2006:  Rebuild carp and took off old carb and manifold and put on new ones.  Starts and runs Great.  Can't wait for some nicer weather so I can get her out and see how she feels.

  • Feb 29 2007:  I can't believe it's been over a year since I've gotten anything done on the Stang.  The brakes are to the floor now and need to be looked at and it looks like the heater core is leaking.  It still starts and idles fine but have not driven it with the 4bbl yet and it's driving me crazy.  I dust her off every once in a while and start her to keep things moving but don't know when if ever I'll be able to drive her.  I was injured last Feb and have sever pain in my neck, shoulders and down my arms which makes driving an old car like this with manual steering, brakes and no passenger mirror impossible.

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