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Picked up car on 2/11/2001

Car Not running, Brake pedal goes to floor, has been sitting for undetermined amount of time (Found and inspection sticker from 1978 and previous owner says that's in the right time frame for the car being pulled off the road).  Car is complete except for hubcaps and radio antenna.

  • 2/2001

    Fixed Stuck Door Latch and Trunk Spring.  Electrical Looks good had a blown fuse.  Everything works except clock, tail lamps and Radio (found out no speaker in dash).

    Tail lamp sockets were dirty cleaned them up and all lights work.

    Cleaned master cylinder and bled drivers front tire.  Went to bleed Passenger front and Bleeder screw broke off.  No leaks so far and emergency brake works.  Will mess with rear brakes and broken screw once she is running.

    Clean up paint and interior.  Things look pretty good.  Rust not as bad as I thought.

    Engine won't crank over.  Filled cylinders with Mystery Oil and will try again.


  • 3/2001

Decided not much hope in getting motor running.  Got a good deal on a running motor an trans out of another 65 ford. $300.

Cleaned up new Motor and trans.

  • 4/2001

Received original title from 1967.

Pulled old Motor and trans took about 2.5 hours.

Took Oil pan off of new motor looks pretty good.  Replaced with Chrome Pan.

  • 5/13/2001

Switched over Shifter Linkage to new trans.  Old one was facing down (came out of a column shift car).  Put on new filter and pan.

Put new Motor and trans in with help of Girlfriend. (She managed to stay clean)  Went smooth.

Filled up oil and trans and primed engine.  Started (using Starting Fluid) and idled well.  Much to my surprise.  Must still be a little gas in the tank.  Only let run a few seconds.

  • 5/14/2001

Hook up all hoses and capped off all fluids.  Put gas in tank, Guess what it came out just as fast as it was going in.  Bottom of tank is rusted out :( .  New tank is on it's way.

Hooked up spare gas can to fuel pump and let her run for a while.  No smoke from the engine but all that penetrating oil smokes real well.  All gauges work and so does Tach :).  Idle is high seems throttle linkage needs adjusting.

  • 5/18/2001

Straightened Throttle Linkage out

Checked Alternator.   It's bad

Fixed a stripped bolt on the transmission linkage and installed drive shaft.

Ran the Trans thru gears and capped off fluid.  All gears seam to be fine.

Still waiting on Gas tank should have by Thurs

No I just need to get the braking system straightened out.  Emergency Brake is fine.  Need to check out rest of system.

  • 5/23/2001

Got the tank and alternator($9 from E-bay) in today.

Old gas tank came out without any effort.  Had problems getting the filler pipe to line up on the new one.  Guess what wrong tank.  They sent me a 69 tank DUH.  They are sending out a new tank I should have it Friday.

Installed the alternator and now the charging system is working just fine.

Put the hood back on with help of the girlfriend.  Sure glad she's around :)

  • 5/26/2001

Received correct gas tank in.  Went in without a hitch.  Gas gauge even works.

Removed muffler that was just hanging there anyway.

Went to work on the brakes.  Got bleeder screw off on Drivers rear but could not get any fluid out.  Passenger rear bleeder broke off.  Looks like I might be better off just redoing all the brakes.

Car runs fine.  I need to get the choke adjusted to make starting it easier when she's cold.

Tried to find the build sheet.  It's not under the rear seat and didn't see it under the dash.

  • 6/03/2001

Pulled the car out to get a friends jet ski out of the garage.  Hosed off all the dust and took some pics and got to give the garage a much needed cleaning.

It's running good but the carb needs a rebuild.  Can't find any oil or trans leaks so I must have done something right. :)

I'm picking up the brake parts this week.  If all goes well they will be done by the end of the week.

  • 6/09/2001

Cleaned and lubed the original clock and it is working fine.  Also put a white face gauge kit on the rally pack.  It's much easier to read.  I will do the rest of the gauges when I get bored one day.

Fixed High horn just needed a cleaning.  So far everything electrical is working.  Radio is the only thing not it has no audio.

Put on 4 new wheel cylinders and all new lines.  Still need to pick up one hose for the front (parts store only had 1).  Brakes feel great.  The pedal is hard but still fades after holding a little bit (Master cylinder).

Rebuilt the carb today also only took 1/2hr.  The engine runs a million times better.  There was all kind of gunk throughout the carb.

  • 06/16/2001

Replaced master cylinder and last front brake hose.

Bled the brake and adjusted them.  The pedal is nice and hard and no fading.

  • 6/21/2001

I got to take the stang out on it's first ride tonight. I had a friend bring over a dealer tag and we jumped in. If the history is right it's the first time the car has been driven since around 1978.

To tell you I'm pumped up would be an understatement. It ran great. The tires spin way too easily and I was babying it. The front end needs work but still felt good and the brakes still need some tuning. The engine and trans didn't miss a beat. In fact I pulled out onto the highway after getting gas and it even chirped between 1st and 2nd shift (remember I was still babying it) and shocked the guy I was with and me.

  • 9/13/2001

Not much Happening.  I've gotten lots of little things done on the car and have had it out several times.  It runs good and I hope to check into the front end soon.  I did fix a bad thermostat but that's the only problem so far.  The brakes have been working fine and the Trans and rear are not making any funny noises.

  • 1/29/07

Lots of little stuff like chrome have been replaced  on the car.  I have also changed out the 2bbl carb and manifold for an Holly 4bbl and Performer RPM manifold.  I haven't done anything in the last year except starting the car and dusting it off due to an injury.  I sure miss working on it and driving it.  The brakes need to be bled again and I might have a leaky wheel cylinder as the master cylinder was empty one day and I all but lost pedal pressure.  Once I recover I plan to get the rust taken car of, brakes redone, headliner redone and dual exhaust on.  Oh and not the least of all, Drive the stang as much as posible.


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