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Welcome to my Web Site.  Here You will find some of my hobbies in life and some info about me.

4/2010   Not much of an update on the injury.  Still dealing with the severe pain and weakness in my arms.   My Daughter turned 4 this month.  Me and Susie have been together 8 months and going strong.   A friend of mine took the MR2 and Shelby and is working on them.  I just can't do the needed work.

8/2009   I met a wonderful woman who understands my disability and loves me for me.   She is great with my daughter and I look forward to spending our life together making each other happy.

1/2008   With rehab the neck has good range of motion and my arms are still weak but doing a little better.  I'm still out of work and still have a great deal of pain down my shoulder blades and I'm working in rehab to see if it can be lessoned.  I was aware from the beginning that the surgery may not help the shoulders.  I'm hoping the pain gets better.  I really want to get back to work and doing all the things I love

10/2007  I had surgery on the 9/13/07 for the neck.  My wife left me on the 8th.  I'm lucky enough to have great parents and friends who helped me through the surgery and with the recovery for the first couple of weeks.  I was in the hospital the 13th and 14th.  The surgery only took about 1.5 hours.  I had my c5-c6 disc fused with cadaver bone and a titanium plate and screws hold it all together.  It helped the pain and weakness in my arms and neck some. The pain at home afterward was no fun but not too much worse then the pain I was already in.  I was able to walk on my own with a cane within a few days and after a few weeks the pain in the arms was improved.  The shoulder pain has not really seemed to change.

7/2007  Well the injury at work has really taken it's toll on me.  Things have only gotten worse with the pain and the medicine doesn't help relieve it.  The wife has been taking care of the baby and doing everything I can't with her and around the house.  I'm stuck not being able to do much of anything but lay around and complain.  The pain is so bad I haven't had a good nights sleep since the accident,  can't even a soda can or hold it in one hand and using a mouse or sitting upright for more then a couple of minutes is excruciating.  The baby is great and i so wish I could do more with her.

5/2007 Life has been interesting since my brother passed away.  I've changed to a much better job,  bought a new car 11/06( Chevy HHR), had my first child and recently was injured at work.   I'll be updating the site little by little when I'm up to it.

I had my first child.  4/11/2006. 

Kendall Brianna Herman 8lbs 4oz, 20"


September 6 2004   

My Brother Brian Herman born Nov 25 1969 Passed away.  It's still hard to put into words how much we all miss you.  You will always be in our heart.

Funny Article  Automaker Sued for Animal Cruelty 

65 Mustang I'm restoring after being parked since 1978.

    1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2, C-code 289 2V 200hp, C4 automatic, 2:80, Raven Black, Rally Pac, One owner, Build date Nov 3, 1964 in Dearborn, MI, Black Crinkle Vinyl Standard Interior, 111K Miles.

That would be the Fiance' in the car the day we picked it up

1989 Dodge Daytona Shelby  The newest toy.  Bought off of eBay for $787.  Runs great.  Needed a battery, odometer didn't work and other little stuff.  Getting 28mpg driving around.  Came with K&N air filter and Mopar computer running 14psi.

Day I picked it up

1988 Lebaron GTC Convertible  Got it of EBay for $500.  Dealer thought it had a rod knock.  Ended up being a flex plate.  Car is mint inside and out and runs great.


85 MR2  Which I bought for gas mileage and now I'm Drag Racing (With Nitrous (40Shot) and Auto Crossing (Solo II) in.

    1985 Toyota MR2 N/A, 5 speed, Air, 114k mikes, Red.  Custom sound system, Nitrous 40hp(for now), Dunlop Sport A2's Tires,  Rear Sun Shade, 87 Spoiler with Brake Light, Act Xtreme Pressure Plate, Stock Clutch Disc and Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel.


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